Artem Jewelry is ethically handmade in the jewelry studio of Her Future Coalition.

 Since 2005, Her Future has been creating powerful and positive change in the lives of survivors of gender violence and girls at the highest risk, providing education, vocational training, safe shelter and supportive community.

The jewelry program gives women the opportunity to learn a profession and support themselves independently.

 Her Future jewelers are breaking gender barriers becoming some of South Asia’s first women goldsmiths, and earning wages comparable to a college graduate. 

Sonali Khatoon, Training Manager

Sonali first joined the HFC family as a program participant, growing up in a shelter home in Kolkata.  After graduating high school, she joined the jewelry program and became an expert goldsmith while also working her way through college. She recently graduated from Netaji Open University with a degree in Liberal Arts with Bengali Honors. “I like to work at HFC because it is like a family to me. Most importantly this is a roof under which I feel safe to be a woman and I can be independent and I can offer good work to everyone who has given me opportunities in every possible way!”


Sumaiya loves the process of transforming an idea into a physical piece she can hold in her hand. “The best part of my work place is the healthy and friendly environment and the freedom we have.” She is a single woman and takes pride in her work. Sumaiya dreams of becoming a well-known designer.


Subhra’s favorite process in jewelry making is soldering. She is a single woman, proud of her accomplishments, and dreams of establishing her own household.


Soma loves her jewelry work, particularly cutting metal. She is a single mother, proud of her achievements. Her dream is to grow her daughter’s career.


Monalisa loves using her creativity and has an interest in makeup artistry. She is married and happily expecting her first child.

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