About Artem

Sadhna Gupta Brown founded Artem Jewelry in 2018. She started making jewelry as a teenager, taking her mother's old jewelry from India apart and recreating them into modern pieces.  

Sadhna earned a BA in Art History and an MA in Architecture. She studied the similarities in motif, style and pattern across cultures and centuries. Through jewelry design, she aims to reveal the strength of our human commonality and celebrate the beauty of cultural variation.

 A strong believer in girls' education, Sadhna works in collaboration with the jewelry studio of Her Future Coalition, a group of expert female artisans creating a new, independent life for themselves. The metalwork is done by hand in the Her Future studio. Sadhna then adds gems and chains in her Boston-based studio to create unique, small-batch collections.

 Artem jewelry is a result of the world coming together, women supporting each other, and the beauty of our ancestry enduring. 



Sadhna Gupta Brown