Artem is a Boston-based, independent jewelry collection created by Sadhna Gupta Brown in 2018.

Sadhna takes inspiration from movements and motifs found in Art and Architecture History. Drawing upon patterns, lines, and shapes from a painting, sculpture, or building, she creates her jewelry designs.
Sadhna then sends her drawings to Nafiza in the Her Future Coalition jewelry studio in Kolkata, India.
In the Her Future studio, artisans handcraft each piece. Through their work, these talented women gain skills to find employment, breaking the barriers in their families and society that once kept them vulnerable. Her Future jewelers are breaking gender barriers becoming some of South Asia’s first women goldsmiths, and earning wages comparable to a college graduate. 
Design improves everyday life.
Handmade is priceless.
Women can uplift each other.
Human creativity connects us all.