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925 sterling silver or brass with silver ear hooks

1/2"w x 2 1/2"h / 1.27cm x 5.08cm

Handmade in limited quantities

Inspired by armor and spirits

For assistance or recommendations, please contact Sadhna at


Life carries a constant level of fear. The circumstances, magnitude, causes are different for everyone. But fear is always waiting, just in case.

Being alone can be peaceful, lonely or threatening. Being with others can be jubilant, comforting, or put you on guard.

The tradition of putting kohl around eyes was intended to ward off evil spirits. The black outline provides sense of safety, of protection. Sometimes, I wear my black eyeliner when I want to withdraw or hide, or want to stay quiet, but am obligated to interact with the world.

These earrings are shiny, edgy blades of protection. No one knows they are serving this function. They aren’t obvious like spikes on a black leather neck collar. They don’t leave room for judgement or verbal curiosity.

Just like the black powder pressed around eyes, they form a shield in the guise of beauty. They are an acknowledgement of fear and a defense against it. They give the strength of a secret armor.