Salvador Dali painting
We are all quietly, furtively slowing our movements, holding our breath. Many of us have had frightening experiences in life - loss, disease, or as Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, things you don’t talk about at parties.
There are private conversations on how to handle the international state of fear. Some are urging others to see the “positive side of Covid”. Some are saying there have been economic gains during these Trump years. (Fortunately, no one is saying this directly to me.) 
I don’t like to talk about fear, though I’ve seen it. And now it seems, everyone has joined me. No one knows for sure what to do with it.
Salvador Dali painting

In situations like these, I look to the ancients. People used to acknowledge their fear. The world of invasion and illness was much worse. Their response was protection from evil.

I think about the protective elements people wore. The suits of armor and cruel yet beautiful battle spears.  I think about how that has translated into a modern setting on people who wear spiked collars or shoes. It seems they are trying to instill fear in others. But I think they are afraid, and they are trying to feel ready to take it on.

Salvador Dali painting

I would draw unwanted attention and judgement if I wore spikes on my clothes. When I am going into a situation where I’m afraid I will feel unsettled, I line my eyes with my modern version of spirit-deflecting kohl and wear these earrings. They feel like armor.

Artem Sawtooth Earrings

And I can quietly acknowledge my fears and keep moving.

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