The demise of Ruth Bader Ginsberg throws the state of women’s rights in the US into question. The obvious, understandable response of sadness and fear which can easily teeter into despair and panic. Seriously, what now?

We have a choice. We can wait and see what happens, see what the men decide. Or we can focus on the power we have right now, and find ways for women to help each other. We have all had enough condescension, dismissal, injustice, and sexual violence.

I applaud women like RBG, who go to work and deal with sexism all day, fighting for a place to earn an income and contribute to society. After years of working in a male-dominated field, and the experience of being a minority female in it, the fight wore me down. I had to find another way.

I dreamt of working with and serving other women with a focus on collaboration, creativity, and mutual empowerment.

The universe responded by introducing me to Sarah Symons, Founder and CEO of Her Future Coalition.  I ask you to watch the video about the jewelry program where Artem Jewelry is crafted:

Watch It Takes a Girl 

When Sarah told me the team really enjoyed making my designs, I felt a sparkling, smiling sisterhood.

The end of the video makes my heart soar. 

No matter what happens in the country over the next few months, we can always work to make positive change.

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