Last week was my niece’s 6th birthday. I found out she likes unicorns and did the knee-jerk internet search. Top listings were unicorn clothes from Target and Gap. Easy, probably satisfactory, but questionably sourced and definitely impersonal.
So I thought to go local and found a small shop near my niece which sold unicorn headbands (yes, a horn...on a headband). They looked ridiculous, even inappropriate, but I didn’t want to buy something I thought would be packaged by a robot.
It occurred to me. I could support a business that cared about people. I walked down to my local Brookline Booksmith, bought three unicorn themed activities, and put them in the mail. I felt at ease. 
I mentioned last week, I wanted to do one positive act every day to counteract the world’s negative news. First, I signed up to work on the Georgia election (I can send info if you’re interested).
Then, I went to the Her Future Coalition zoom party where I met Sonali Kahtoon, who grew up in the shelter and is now the Training and Production Manager. I also met Anjali Tamang who just wrote with HFC Founder Sarah Symons, Standing in the Way: From Trafficking Victim to Human Rights Activist.
They told us how their lives had changed because of the Her Future program. They were strong, forged by life, and confident with graceful energy that flowed naturally.

Sonali as Frida Kahlo, taken as part of a photography project created by Sarah Annay.

I’ll admit, when I see a company donate a portion of proceeds, I get overwhelmed by the size of the problem and feel powerless. I wonder how the money is being used and if it even makes a difference. After meeting these women, I can confidently say every effort on our part makes a profound impact. It is really one at a time.
 In this spirit and through your support, we will be able to sponsor a girl in the jewelry program. I am donating 10% of your purchase and cover one girl’s training stipend of $100/mo. I will keep you posted on her work and progress. We will sponsor as many artisans as we can.You can feel confident you're giving a quality gift, know who made the jewelry, and who's packaging it. Together we’ll create a cycle of giving between you, your loved ones, me, and the Her Future girls.

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