We dodged a bullet and are taking a collective deep breath. A light shines in my core when I see this photo...

...because it reminds me of this photo.

The baby with black eyeliner looking suspiciously at the camera? As Maya Rudolph would say, that little girl was me. 

I am hesitatingly overjoyed a woman with an Indian immigrant mother is second-in-command. After the racism I've experienced, the racism all black women have experienced, and our collective female experience over the last four years, it is certainly welcome.

I hesitate because 70 million people are okay with the country inching towards Fascism. That didn't disappear.

I've given myself a mandate to work a little everyday for the next four years in an effort to not go through this again.

I am choosing to work on education and empowerment of disadvantaged girls. Currently, I am looking into how I can bring about change here in the US. And I continue my work with you and Her Future Coalition. The jewelry studio is open again at half capacity due to Covid restrictions. Our ambitious, talented young women are happy to get back to their education.

Diwali, during which we celebrate the triumph of good over evil, bringing light into the darkness, is this week.

Just in time.

Happy Diwali!

Illustration by @colorsofhoney

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