If I am actually going to read something right now, it better be good. I’ve lost the ability to focus, find social media and the news maddening, and really want to be around other people. 
When I think about jewelry, I wonder how easily my mask will pull it out of my ear or how many widows in India are going to have to sell their jewelry to survive.
So, today I share a few interesting things (click on photos to read more):
1. Archeologists found a fully intact, four-wheeled, processional chariot in Pompeii.
Chariot found in Pompeii
2. The Accademia Gallery in Florence, which has Michaelangelo’s David, is rearranged for renovation. The sculptures look like groups of people hanging out.
Accademia Galleries Florence
© Massimo Sestini
Accademia Florence
© Guido Cozzi
3. In addition to the jewelry program, Her Future has new job training options!
For now, the studio is still closed and they have started to their emergency response. Learn more and donate:
Let me know if you have any questions or would like to help.
Her Future Coalition jewelry
4. In the throes of isolation and guilt that it’s my biggest problem, I started to read Jhumpa Lahiri’s new book, Whereabouts. It’s about a woman who lives in Italy and leads a sad, lonely life, but is too afraid of the pain of relationships. It is written in short chapters, perfect for my current attention span.
Jhumpa Lahiri Whereabouts
The light at the end of this week's tunnel was watching Michelle Obama tell Stephen Colbert that a few months into quarantine, her kids were sick of her and then ask Colbert if she could stay on the show longer because she didn’t want to go home and hang out with a man she thinks is incredibly cute but the only person she’s seen all year, her husband. Clearly, we are all looking for something to do.
So, my new Artem team member and I are planning some in-person events. Drop me a note if you are interested in attending. The only thing we can promise is a good time. Enjoy the vaccine and Stay Tuned!

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