One week into January and I couldn’t follow through on my ‘new year’s resolution’. Last week I again felt that writing an email amidst the horrible reckoning of US history would seem false, oblivious and even distasteful. 
Then I saw photos like this:
Seeing the army in DC has left some feeling scared and hopeless. For me, it serves as a reminder. If we hold something dear, we have to work to protect it. 
My resolution was to find people keeping art alive and share their work with you. I begin with Kanak.
Kanak is the founder of Amsterdam based Julahas. She designs gorgeous capes, wraps and belts with modern, European style. The collections are handmade by rural artisans in India using traditional weaving techniques and all-natural material and dyes. 
As Kanak describes, artisan communities all over the world are struggling to keep their age-old heritage alive. The lack of opportunity in rural areas has forced artisans, most of them women, to give up on the one thing that makes them experts - their craft. 

Two things happen if we don’t work to protect what we hold dear. We lose handmade work and art dies.  We lose the opportunity to support women and our collective value dies. 


I am thrilled to know Artem and Julahas have common goals - modern style, keeping art alive, supporting women. If you share these values, you are not alone.

And these days, isn't it great to have company?

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