I grew up in the in 70’s and 80’s in Illinois. My mom was a dedicated homemaker with four children and taught me everything she could to prepare me for the world. Because of her, I cook delicious food, speak and perform publicly, learn eagerly, dote on my children, value cleanliness, make things by hand, speak Hindi and know how to put on a sari.

One step from home and I was in a different world. Inside my house was India, but outside was America. Mainstream TV was like watching a foreign film. Other girls were looking up to Mary Tyler Moore, but her fictional life was nothing like my real one.

Mary Tyler Moore cast 1977
When my daughter was 12, she asked me for a book called ‘How to Be a Boss’. I thought it was a bit early for career goals, but I wanted to encourage her, and we went to buy it. Then I saw the cover.
How to Be a Bawse Lily Singh

I was overjoyed. And relieved. The entire burden of being a role model was not going to fall on me. I was going to get some help from someone with a similar life - Lilly Singh. She is hilarious and confident and even managed to land a mainstream late night show.

My mother also taught me the importance of educating girls and thanks to you I continue to support Her Future Coalition.

You know who else is supporting them?

Michelle Obama

I now quote Michelle. Obama.

“This past year, we’ve seen just how much women accomplish every single day—they’ve been the ones putting in overtime as frontline healthcare workers, taking activist roles in their communities, and stepping up to care for their families during these tough times. It’s awe inspiring. And what gives me so much hope is that the next generation of women are just as determined, especially as they pursue their educations in the face of great challenges and rapidly changing education systems.

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate girls’ education with @POPSUGAR on March 25th. I’ll be speaking with @Lilly Singh and girls from the @GirlsOpportunityAlliance as they share what their education has looked like during the pandemic and how organizations in our global community have helped them to keep learning safely. I hope that you’ll tune in on March 25th and support girls’ education and empowerment…because when girls get the opportunities they deserve, our whole world benefits.”

 Girl Talk PopSugar Michelle Obama Lily Singh Girls Opportunity Alliance

Mark your Calendar!


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