News stories from the past year that should have been front page:
1. A fully intact food stall was excavated in Pompeii:
pompeii food stall
Image: Luigi Spina/Parco Archeologico di Pompei
2. Germany is planning to return bronze sculptures, stolen by the British from the Kingdom of Benin, to their rightful home in Nigeria. I hope I live to see the day museums return all of their stolen art.
Benin Sculpture
3. As if we needed more reasons to visit Rome, by 2023 the Colosseum will have a high-tech floor visitors can walk out on. It will reveal the gladiator/animal paths underneath.
Read Rome article or even better WATCH VIDEO
roman colosseum renovation
We can go mask-free outside, but maybe not in a store. We can go out to dinner, but the waitstaff is masked. We attend zoom events, but we're sick of it. And some of us are watching American life going back to normal, but hearing of friends and relatives in India dying. The contrast is unnerving and disorienting, like feeling our way through the dark with our fingers crossed. If you are experiencing this, I am sending love.
So to close on a positive note, I’ve choses some art history memes (from @classicalcringe) appropriate for these times.
Art History meme covid
Pandemic eating:
Art History meme body is a temple
 Pandemic fashion (sweats and leggings everyday):
Art History meme for fashion
Remote learning:
Art History meme for remote schooling
Post-pandemic social skills:
Art History meme TV
Art History meme Date
And circling back to ancient history:
Art history meme dinosaur
I hope this was good for a laugh!

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