It has been a strange year. We hope for good news, try to make things better, wonder what’s next. Each of us has found a different way to cope.  What we knew before has only been emphasized during this time. 

The world we share is full of beauty, hate, love, fear, injustice, and inspiration.

How do we live in this world? What can we do in the face of hardship? Where is our place? What is right? If answers exist, they aren’t easy to find. 

The answers may lie in human creativity. It separates us from all other life. It transcends language and borders. It tells a story without words. It inspires us to feel what cannot be seen. 

I hope to create a ripple effect. 

I will be sharing works of art and architecture that have inspired Artem designs. I hope they interest you, evoke a beautiful memory, or make you dare to dream of seeing the world.

I will tell you about the inspiring young women who make Artem Jewelry. I hope you help me support the education of girls who are using their talent to rise out of their difficult circumstances. 

Hope, courage, and passion are also contagious.



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