As news trickles in about the end of our isolation, I continue last week’s design inspiration story for Artem Deco Earrings.
Art Deco was style of art and architecture influenced by geometric patterns in ancient art and came to represent the possibilities of the future. The style grew in popularity in Europe and the US in the 1920’s. These were the years following the pandemic of 1918, which killed 50 million people, 675,000 in the US. Look familiar?
Stewart and Holmes Wholesale Drug Co. employees on 3rd Avenue during the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic. (University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, SOC0394)
The paintings of Tamara de Lempicka captured the feeling of the 1920’s post-pandemic, Art Deco era. There is sensual luxury and modern glamour with a hint of sadness and pensiveness.
Portrait of a man or Mr. Tadeusz de Lempicki 1928
Portrait of Mrs. Bouchard 1931
Portrait of Nanade Herrera 1928
 The Green Turban 1930
 I wonder if we'll carry this mood into our first social endeavors, when we can all think beyond survival. With our current lives in recent memory, we'll go out, enjoy our friends, and appreciate our lives.
At the beginning of this pandemic, I watched a PBS documentary, Civilizations. It opened with the idea of the Cognitive Revolution, when humans began to create for something other than necessity or survival. Unlike other animals who also make tools and have language, we have culture. We have art.
The oldest evidence of this human leap is a piece of 75,000 year old, red ochre found in the Blombos cave on the cape coast of South Africa.
I found the answer to my initial question. What is the origin of the diamond pattern? 
It was the origin.

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