Birthstone Necklace

I wear my Artem birthstone necklace every day. No joke. EVERY day! It is entirely too pretty to take off. This charming piece is beautiful on its own and also pairs effortlessly with other necklaces, elevating a layered look. It also makes me SO happy, as the two delicate gems are the birthstones of my two daughters; a lovely keepsake!

-J. Y. Boston

Birthstone Necklace

I love my birthstone necklace, a delicate gold chain with a teardrop Topaz, to remind me of my son. I wear it everyday, dressed up or casual, and it always makes me smile. Thanks for a beautiful piece, Sadhna !

-L.F. Boston

Birthstone Necklace

I love my birthstone necklace, it’s so meaningful to me and I get compliments all the time.

It was one of my favorite all time gifts.

-S.H. Boston

"Modern, simple, yet classic style"

Love the modern, simple, yet classic style of Artem! I find myself reaching for all my pieces more often than others, they go with everything and make a stylish statement without clashing with my wardrobe! Gorgeous finishing and materials too.

- N.M. Boston


I’ve literally worn them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

-K.M., Seattle

Beautiful, elegant, and timeless.

-A.R. Chicago

"Women-owned, ethically supported"

Artem has been my go-to jewelry since its conception.

Creator Sadhna Brown's architectural background influences culturally inspired pieces that are both modern and timeless. 

I choose pieces from her collections for gifts to loved ones, private styling clients, and commercial clients.  I’ve worn Artem to fashion shows from NYC, to London, to Paris, and am complimented on her pieces in every city. 

Supporting this woman-owned, ethically supported jewelry line should be on everyone's to-do list. Artem provides employment for women in India who are recovered from the sex trafficking industry and its founder's philanthropic endeavors are impactful in making the world a better place. 

Oh, and the pieces themselves are absolutely stunning!

-M.C. Miami